The Joinson Family Name

Some considerable work has been carried out by my second cousin, the late Alan Joinson on tracing the family name.  With his family's kind permission and the assistance of Edmund Ledwick in scanning the data I have put together an abrieviated record in the form of a Joinson Family Name Book.

Whilst the details in the book are biased towards Alan's side of the family, reference is made to my father William and grandfather John, the founder of Clayton Laundry.  Please feel free to comment on the content of the book or to add your knowledge of the Joinson name by signing the Guest Book at the bottom of this page.  Thankyou.

The Joinson Family Name Book has been created using Imaging for Windows and is a TIFF file in the form of a multi-page document.  If you are using Windows 98 then the in-built Imaging for Windows program will allow you to view the file.  However, if you are on WindowsXP you will need to download a TIFF file viewer such as Vixelsoft Imageing Express from the internet.

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